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    Having a kid who's experiencing some troubles at school and you think that some form of therapy might come in handy in facilitating his or hers development, please look at the services in children support offered by Asher-Solomon Centre for Development. Our special education experts as well as educated and experienced psychologists and therapists, offer SLT in Singapore - which stands for speech language therapy - in our Centre which is located in Kallang area of Singapore. Moreover, we organize and offer occupational therapy - also helpful in a number of disorders that keep our children from thriving in school, among their peers as well in the whole cycle of personal life. Paedriatric therapy in many forms, especially SLT in Singapore, can allow children balance the impairments they might have due to various factors and reasons, disorders etc., leading to a better performance at school which is - commonly today - a very important child's development setting, allowing to build a sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy, together with learning how to behave socially. Therapies, like SLT, occupational etc. in Asher-Solomon Development Centre in Singapore, Kallang can help your child grow!

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